Listen to Shelley Crawford, an EMCC Global Accredited Master Practitioner and Accredited Supervisor, talk about restless sleep. 
In this video, I'll be talking to you about why sleep is important, why doctors care about your sleep, and when to seek medical support to help you sleep better.  
Hi, I'm Shelley Crawford, and I'm an internationally accredited coaching psychologist and wellbeing trainer. I work with organisations all over the world to help their people manage their wellbeing. Good sleep is not a luxury. It's an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Just like eating healthy foods, taking an after dinner walk, or flossing your teeth, getting adequate sleep requires time and discipline. Many people ask me how many hours sleep they should have. Like anything in life, this can be different for everyone. There are types of medication that can have a negative impact on your sleep. So if you suspect this might be a problem, do talk to your doctor. Alcohol may help you get to sleep more readily, but may also be the cause of you waking up during the night. Eating heavy, spicy meals or doing high energy exercise too close to sleep time, or indeed, no exercise at all during the day, may also prevent you from having a good quality sleep. Sometimes an underlying health problem can affect sleep negatively. 
For instance, being overweight or experiencing breathing issues may also impact your sleep. Sleep apnea is a fairly common condition in which your breathing stops and restarts many times while you sleep, thus preventing your body from getting enough oxygen which can affect the quality of your sleep. This condition is much more than we think, but it is also quite easily managed. The important thing, however, is that if you suspect you may have an underlying health issue that is negatively affecting your sleep, please seek medical help. Sleeping well is part of a healthy lifestyle. You and your doctor can then take positive steps to help you sleep better. If you feel you need more support or things deteriorate please get hold of your doctor or otherwise, log into your Verve portal and click the link to request a survey. You will then be able to access all the support you need. 
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