Wellbeing strategies - or, rather, the implementation of them - reduce sickness absence. Don't take my word for it a study by Winckworth Sherwood LLP shows that 85% of employers believe this to be the case. 
Yet with such a belief of how much of an impact that looking after staff wellbeing can make, how come only 3-5% of staff actually use their employee assistance programmes? 
A separate study by HCML shows that while 79% of employers offer an EAP, the actual usage is 3-5% of staff. 
ROI anyone? It doesn't add up. 
What DOES add up, however, is a service where you can pay as you go for what your staff actually use. No binding contracts, no unused capacity that you paid for but did not use. 
Do you agree? 
This thought was the basis behind our Verve On Demand service, where companies can extend mental health, physiotherapy and private GP services to their staff and just pay for what they use. A self-service portal means they can keep a track on appointment usage (also respecting the bounds of individual confidentiality you'd expect from a healthcare provider). There's a small set-up fee, but then just a pay-as-you-go. 
Plusses for businesses: reliable CQC-compliant healthcare organisation on tap, financial control, setting a scene for happy and productive employees. 
Questions for you: 
How does your company spend its money on health and wellbeing?  
When you look back at how effective this has been, what kind of things are you looking for? 
If you were to 'price up' what you got last year, how much would you have spent compared to how much you actually spent? 
Why don't you get in touch with us, see how much our health assessments and on-demand mental health, physiotherapy and private GP appointments might have save you. 
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