As an intermediary, you'll want to have confidence in every healthcare provider you add to your portfolio. At Verve Healthcare, we understand the importance of providing you and your clients with a reliable and smooth experience, where everything works seamlessly and where you know we are doing a great job. 
As a healthcare provider with 30 years' experience, we are a safe pair of hands. We are fully registered with the Care Quality Commission and everything we do has healthcare at its heart. We are a healthcare company first and foremost, part of SELDOC Healthcare which has been providing GP services to the NHS. We already handle 10,000 appointments every month - we know healthcare. 
We believe that every employee should be able to access high quality care which meets their needs, and that employers are supported to create a healthy workplace which promotes happy and productive teams. 

What are Healthcare Intermediaries? 

Healthcare intermediaries, sometimes called employee benefits consultants, are an important interface between the healthcare provider and the end client. 
Rather than the client organisation itself finding new providers of health and wellbeing services, a healthcare intermediary can help source employee health benefits. They work with a lot of providers so that they can put together corporate health plans that meet a range of health needs - and depending on what the corporate client needs these can be wide-ranging. 
They can include employee assistance programmes, medical insurance, dental treatments, a specific treatment provider for medical treatment, wellbeing services, mental health support, physical health, private health cover... the sky is the limit. 
At Verve Healthcare, we work with healthcare intermediaries on a range of health services, all designed to reduce long-term absence. improve everyday health, and create happy clients and workforces. 
Our healthcare services are carefully crafted to address the specific needs of employees and promote a culture of wellness within the workplace. 

Verve Intermediaries earn 10% from health assessments, mental health, physiotherapy and private GP services 

One of the key benefits of partnering with Verve Healthcare as an intermediary is the opportunity to earn a 10% commission on our Health & Wellbeing services. 
Because this is a commission, the client pays no more than if they had come to us direct. We build ongoing relationships with health intermediaries and so, for us, the commission is a replacement for some of our marketing spend. Rather than paying for adverts, we pay our intermediaries! 

Verve for intermediaries supports Healthcare for Business, productivity and employee wellbeing 

We have a number of Business healthcare solutions for intermediaries to add to their portfolios. If you are looking for a solution for Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) and Occupational Health programmes, then we have something for you: 

Employee Health Assessments 

Verve Employee Health Assessments provide an overview of an employee's health status and identify potential risk factors or areas for improvement. 
Employees access one of three Health Assessment packages - Essentials, Extended and Comprehensive. These assessments include a wide range of screenings and tests to help employees understand their current health status and make proactive choices for their well-being. Healthy employees mean a happier and more productive workforce. 
We will arrange clinics to suit your people's needs, in a clinic that you can get to and with a self-service dashboard and detailed report that means you maintain an overview. 

On-demand mental health, physiotherapy and private GP appointments 

The flexible service where you only pay for the appointments that your employees book - no more overpaying for empty appointments, our Verve On Demand services means that your clients have access to mental health, physiotherapy and private GP appointments on a pay-as-you-go basis - no annual limits. As with all our health products, the same high level of confidentiality applies, and you have the reassurance that any appointments are clinically-indicated - this means that your people have the appointments they are recommended. 
As an intermediary, your income is 10% of all health assessments and Verve On Demand services that you have arranged with us 

Who can become a Verve Intermediary? 

Who can apply to become a Verve intermediary? It's likely you are a business consultant, an external coach or team coach, or perhaps a freelance HR consultant. You could be a benefits consultant or a corporate wellbeing adviser. You could be an individual or you could work for a consultancy organisation. 
One thing binds our intermediaries - they provide services for companies that care about the health and wellbeing of their staff. They can see that adding service like ours will greatly enhance their clients' productivity, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, reduce sickness absence and bring down the overall cost of ill health. 
Does this sound like you? Get in touch today. 

What are the benefits of using healthcare Intermediaries? - for companies 

By partnering with healthcare intermediaries like Verve Healthcare, organisations can enjoy several benefits: 
Expertise and guidance: Healthcare intermediaries have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and can provide valuable guidance in selecting and implementing employee health benefits. They can assess the unique needs of an organisation and recommend tailored solutions that align with their objectives and budget. 
Cost-Effectiveness: Intermediaries often have client relationships and relationships with healthcare providers like us, which can result in competitive pricing for corporate health plans. They can work alongside the providers on behalf of their clients, choosing from a range of products and ultimately saving organisations money while still providing comprehensive health benefits to employees. 
Streamlined Process: Instead of organisations individually researching and contacting multiple healthcare providers, intermediaries streamline the process by acting as a single point of contact. They handle the administrative tasks, such as plan implementation, employee enrollment, and ongoing plan management, saving organisations time and effort. In a way, they are also protecting the mental wellbeing of their clients by removing stress. 
Holistic Approach: Healthcare intermediaries understand that employee well-being goes beyond just physical health. They can help organisations develop holistic health and well-being strategies that encompass a comprehensive range of mental health support, stress management, preventive care, and more. These strategies are essentially bespoke health plans, special for the organisation and contributing to a happier and more productive workforce. 
Enhanced Employee Satisfaction: Access to a wide range of health benefits and wellbeing solutions can significantly improve employee satisfaction. When employees feel supported and valued by their organisation, they are more likely to be engaged, motivated, and loyal. 
Healthcare intermediaries play a crucial role in facilitating access to employee health benefits. Their expertise, cost-effectiveness, streamlined processes, holistic approach, and focus on employee satisfaction make them valuable partners for organisations looking to enhance their employee benefits package and create a healthier, happier workforce. 

Other types of Healthcare Intermediaries offer a financial product 

Some intermediaries also work with providers of private medical insurance to fund private healthcare. While this is not a service we provide at Verve Healthcare, it is useful to note some of the additional services that your health intermediary may offer. 
Ask them about the levels of cover that they can provide, whether the private health insurance covers existing medical conditions, the benefit limit, whether critical illness insurance is included and whether you have a choice of private hospital, medical professional or therapy treatments. 
Check what is included in the healthcare cover - some comprehensive cover agreements may include a health cash plan, dental care, optical care, cash benefits, out-patient treatment and additional benefits. 
It's best to talk with your provider about what you need, and whether the premiums include chronic conditions, whether there are annual benefit limits, the procedures for pre - authorisation, how to progress a health insurance claim and whether insurance premium tax is included in the quote. Ask about client servicing, the use of digital tools and any maximum amount. 
There may also be tax implications for the employee for private treatment cover but, as we said, this is not an independent service we provide at Verve Healthcare and so it's best to check with a professional. 
If you want access to health services, then that's us! 
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