How comfortable are you in your comfort zone? I bet that even with the most comfy of comfort zones, there are areas that will irritate you or that you wish would change. But changing means leaving that comfort zone and, hey, it does feel on balance more comfortable than the alternative. 
It may well be that you are more than happy in your comfort zone - applause to you. You've made it. Scroll on by 
But if you are losing a bit of momentum, or feeling a bit 'samey', or putting up with niggles that are growing, or are feeling daunted by change - then that could be a sign that your metaphorical comfort blanket may be wrapping itself around you too tightly. 
It's scary leaving the comfort zone. So much so that the next step after leaving the warm embrace of the familiar and the unchallenging is named the Fear Zone. Here lies low self-confidence, excuses, and other people's opinions being louder than yours. 
But if you can get past that without running back to the comfort zone you can open up more positive opportunities. Beyond the Fear Zone is the Learning Zone, where you grow by solving problems, acquiring new skills, and facing challenges. Beyond that is the Growth Zone, where you can find new purpose, conquer objectives, set new goals, and live your new dreams. 
But first. How do you leave the safety of the Comfort Zone and enter the Fear Zone? 
Arguably, the only way you would make a change is if you want to do it and if the benefits of the change outweigh the emotional and financial costs of the change. 
Some questions you could ask yourself: 
Do you want to make the change? Why? 
What do you want to keep? (you don't have to make a 100% change - in fact I'd recommend starting small) 
What are the irritations of being in the comfort zone? Can you tolerate them, change them or are they insurmountable? 
What would you like to achieve or experience that you have not yet planned for? 
What could go wrong? How would you manage it? What do you need around you to help? 
Listen to self-talk - how are you trying to convince yourself out of this? Where has that come from? 
"What if everything goes right?" Imagine what the future could look like. 
Make a plan before you jump out of your comfort zone - being intentional and with a clear direction will help propel you toward the learning zone. 
Credit due to CAMHS Professionals for the infographic 
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