PROACTIVE WELLBEING SOLUTIONS  We work as a long-term partner for your business  

PROACTIVE WELLBEING SOLUTIONS We work as a long-term partner for your business 

UK absence levels are at their highest for more than ten years, with 1 in every 13 workers off on long term sick leave. Mental health issues are the main driver for long-term absence, and the top two causes of stress-related absence are workload and management style, with deadline pressure and relationships at work also factors. When we look at short-term absence, we see that - after minor illnesses - musculoskeletal injuries are the main cause. 
These themes have also arisen from conversations with industry experts through Verve Healthcare’s Unlocking Workplace Wellbeing podcast series. Management capabilities, management role-modelling and workplace culture were identified as common contributors to stress-related ill health. 
Our core services are designed to help your workforce when they are ill and to assess their current health. However, we know we can do more to help address wider issues within businesses earlier, helping fix non-healthcare issues like processes, managerial capability, team effectiveness and work-environment factors before they cause health problems for staff members. 

VERVE PROACTIVE SERVICES   Additional wellbeing services 

VERVE PROACTIVE SERVICES Additional wellbeing services 

Our selected expert Associates give you access to services that complement Verve’s clinical interventions for mental health, physiotherapy and GP services. 
We want to help you get on the front foot, to head off mental health issues, reduce stress, improve management performance and processes and – ultimately – to promote healthy, happy and productive workplaces. 
With a clear focus on our purpose to help workforces be happy, healthy and productive at work and our vast industry experience, we have determined a number of non-healthcare interventions that are likely to have the greatest positive workforce impact. 

PROACTIVE SERVICES Why not discuss any of the following with our team? 

PROACTIVE SERVICES Ancillary Services include: 

Redefining roles and team structures. 
Resetting workplace and team culture. 
Flexibility and effectiveness of working practices 
Work ergonomics and working locations 
Management support and coaching 
Workflow design and streamlining processes 
Remuneration strategy 
Change management and restructure 

Ready to find out more? 


To kick-start your journey with Verve Healthcare, we offer either a telephone or face to face meeting tailored to your individual needs.This enables us to quickly uncover and address the health and wellbeing needs of your workforce and the requirements for your business. 
We will design our services to dovetail with these business requirements and we can carefully navigate any constraints. 
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