The message ‘We believe that everyone has the right to find happiness’ greets visitors to our client Clear Financial Advice’s website - and it’s that ethos that drives the business. 
From delivering its core financial planning services to setting up its own counselling and trauma charity Clear Minds, the independent financial planning firm is all about improving lives. 
Here at Verve Healthcare, we are delighted to be commissioned by Clear Financial Advice, to work in partnership in providing a proactive workplace wellbeing approach for the team. 
It matters to the Clear team that their small businesses and individual clients can depend on them, and in turn that’s only possible because of the care the business takes of its workforce. The partnership with Verve Healthcare helps them do this. 
Founder and Director Barry Greening explains that financial planning requires a long-term view and that Clear’s clients want the reassurance that they can form long and trusting business relationships with members of the team. 
“We chose Verve Healthcare as a partner to help us keep our team happy and healthy,” he said. “We are a small team and we have worked together for a long period of time. It is important that we continue to look after each other and our partnership with Verve Healthcare means that we can all keep on top of where we are and spot early signs of things going wrong before they become a problem.” 
The Surrey-based firm is looking to expand in the coming months as the business grows. With a competitive recruitment market, Barry and the team are all too familiar with the importance of developing a good employment environment to attract great people to join their number. 
“People are increasingly looking for what benefits a company offers when they make the decision to apply,” he said. “People are looking for what support a company can offer to them in terms of wellbeing and I know that having Verve Healthcare alongside us will give them the reassurance that we take their physical and emotional health seriously.” 
As with all Verve Healthcare’s clients, the Clear Financial Advice team will have regular monitoring surveys that will ask them holistic questions about how they are, physically and emotionally. Regular check-ins help to detect any issues early on, meaning that Verve Healthcare can speed that team member to an intervention that is right for them. This could be self-care advice or referrals to the right healthcare professional for them. 
In addition, the regular snapshot will provide Barry with an overview of his business, able to spot pockets or trends which will help him work with Verve Healthcare to address them before they impact the business and, ultimately, their own clients. 
Barry added: “I liked the Verve Healthcare service over an employee assistance service because Verve focuses on prevention rather than just cure. To my mind, putting a plaster on an already-embedded issue is not as effective as heading it off in the first place. 
“Verve Healthcare is a cost-effective peace-of-mind that will help us propel Clear Financial Advice into the future, be best for our colleagues, and ensure we are fit to provide the best service for our clients.” 
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