A RANGE OF SERVICES Earn 10% commission on all healthcare appointments as a Verve Healthcare intermediary 

A RANGE OF SERVICES Tailored to your clients' needs 

You can earn 10% commission by adding health assessments and on-demand GP, mental health and physiotherapy appointments to the health and wellbeing services you offer to your clients. 
With one in 13 UK workers on long-term sick, employers are feeling the effects on morale, productivity and finances. 
We are a healthcare company, built on almost 30 years' experience providing urgent and emergency GP services to the NHS. Let our doctors and healthcare professionals help you tackle workplace health for your clients by adding our services on to yours. 
Join us on Wednesday 24 July 2024 at 1.30-2pm BST for a Lunch and learn with GP Dr Amina Albeyatti on corporate health assessments. 

BENEFITS TO YOUR BUSINESS Why partner with us? 

BENEFITS TO YOUR BUSINESS Why partner with us? 

One of the key benefits of partnering with Verve Healthcare as an intermediary is the opportunity to earn a 10% commission on our Health & Wellbeing services. Because this is a commission, the client pays no more than if they had come to us direct. We build ongoing relationships with healthcare intermediaries and so, for us, the commission is a replacement for some of our marketing spend. 
Industry expert advice from our consultants 
Earn 10% commission on all healthcare appointments. 
Fixed rates for your clients for 36 or 60 months 
Dedicated point of contact 

How we support you 

On-going sales support to maximise your return and client win rate 
Dedicated point of contact for consulting,training and support 
Side by side product demos tailored to your clients’ needs 
Marketing toolkits for you and your client 



As an intermediary, you'll want to have confidence in every healthcare provider you add to your portfolio. At Verve Healthcare, we understand the importance of providing you and your clients with a reliable and smooth experience, where everything works seamlessly and where you know we are doing a great job. 
As a healthcare provider with 30 years' experience, we are a safe pair of hands. We are fully registered with the Care Quality Commission and everything we do has healthcare at its heart. We are a healthcare company first and foremost, part of SELDOC Healthcare which has been providing GP services to the NHS for nearly 30 years. We already handle 10,000 appointments every month - we know healthcare. 
We believe that every employee should be able to access high quality care which meets their needs, and that employers are supported to create a healthy workplace which promotes happy and productive teams. 


Supporting healthcare for business, productivity and employee wellbeing 

We have a number of business healthcare solutions for intermediaries to add to their portfolios. If you are looking for a solution for Occupational Health programmes, then we have something for you: 


Employee Health Assessments 

Verve Employee Health Assessments provide an overview of an employee's health status and identify potential risk factors or areas for improvement. 
Employees access one of three Health Assessment packages - Essential, Extended and Comprehensive. These assessments include a wide range of screenings and tests to help employees understand their current health status and make proactive choices for their well-being. Healthy employees mean a happier and more productive workforce. 
We will arrange clinics to suit your people's needs, in a clinic that you can get to and with a self-service dashboard and detailed report that means you maintain an overview. 

On-demand mental health, physiotherapy and private GP appointments 

The flexible service where you only pay for the appointments that employees book - no more overpaying for empty appointments, our Verve On Demand services means that your clients have access to mental health, physiotherapy and private GP appointments on a pay-as-you-go basis. As with all our health products, the same high level of confidentiality applies, and you have the reassurance that any appointments are clinically-indicated - this means that your people have the appointments they are recommended. 
As an intermediary, your income is 10% of all health assessments and Verve On Demand services that you have arranged with us. 
Watch the video below to find out more: 

READY TO FIND OUT MORE Who can become a Verve Intermediary? 

YOUR JOURNEY WITH VERVE Our solutions are simple, agile, and effective. 

At Verve Healthcare, we work with healthcare intermediaries on a range of health services, all designed to reduce long-term absence. improve everyday health and create happy clients and workforces. 
Our healthcare services are carefully crafted to address the specific needs of employees and promote a culture of wellness within the workplace. 
Who can apply to become a Verve intermediary? It's likely you are a business consultant, an external coach or team coach, or perhaps a freelance HR consultant. You could be a benefits consultant or a corporate wellbeing adviser. You could be an individual or you could work for a consultancy organisation. 
One thing binds our intermediaries - they provide services for companies that care about the health and wellbeing of their staff. They can see that adding service like ours will greatly enhance their clients' productivity, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, and bring down the overall cost of ill health. 

Apply to become an intermediary 

Apply to become an intermediary 

We want to work closely with our intermediaries to achieve the best possible outcomes for your clients. Fill in the form below and we’ll contact you shortly to discuss more. 
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